Today, successful first flights for the two older falcon chicks! At 5:22 Ainslie flew first to the top of Standard Life and was joined at 5:33 by Lisgar. As of 11:30 they were perched on the north side of that building, out of sight of the nest and camera. Volunteers will be keeping a close eye on them and the two left behind in the nest: Lawrence and Gage.


Hamilton’s resident adult pair, Lily and Ossie, are celebrating the third anniversary of their arrival in Hamilton, and will begin their fourth nesting season on the Sheraton Hamilton Hotel very soon.

Lily was banded in 2010 at the Grand Haven Board of Light & Power plant, in Michigan, and Ossie fledged from the Osler Hospital in Etobicoke in 2012.

In 2017, the pair produced several eggs, but sadly, none hatched. There was no evident reason for this failure, as temperatures were not particularly low during brooding. We will have to watch and see how things proceed this year.

Many birds exhibit a trait called ‘site fidelity’. If at least one of a pair that used a nest site in the previous year returns, and if there have been no significant physical changes to disturb either the nest itself or the birds generally, they will use the same nest site year after year. Peregrine Falcons are known for site fidelity. This will be the twenty-fourth year the same nest site on the Sheraton Hamilton Hotel has been used.