The Nicholasville Jessamine County Parks & Recreation In Nicholasville KY is a great place for someone who would want to have pastime in nature with being away from their usual routine. They have variety of activities that offers specific interest depending on the type of person you are. The places within this area is filled with natural beauty, including wildflowers which can already be seen during Spring time. The park boasts of many features like the horse trails, zippo log cabin which has been serving as both historical site and museum, bird watching (a paradise for bird watchers), camping grounds (including cabins made out of logs) and a lake where you can fish, picnic areas and many more. They have trails for hikers and joggers, an area to play ball games plus a playground for children which includes a large play field with a basketball court.

The Nicholasville Jessamine County Parks & Recreation In Nicholasville KY also offers entertainment facilities that will surely give the entire family fun from one generation to another. There are sports complexes that include tennis courts as well as other professional equipment s necessary for hosting sports events like track oval, football fields, baseball diamond and softball diamond. They even have fishing lakes next to the Kentucky Horse Park’s 3000 acre enclosed training track where people can catch not only crappie but catfish too!