Be sure to join us on March 15, 16, and 17 from 7 pm to 9pm at the Lincoln Alexander Centre for the 11th annual i_HealthSci show.

 The Health Sciences Musical is an entirely student run charity musical, with BHSc undergraduate students from McMaster University writing, performing in, and organizing the entire production. Proceeds will go towards supporting the BHSc scholarship, which is awarded by the program office to deserving students each year, and Culture for Kids in the Arts, a Hamilton based organization that provides free arts-based programming for underprivileged youth.’

To purchase tickets, go to:


 ‘We’re not always comfortable in strange, new environments. Sometimes it’s hard to fit in. Someti?”mes we just don’t know where we belong. So what do we do?

Build a robot to replace us, of course!

Find out why this isn’t the best idea in the Health Sci Musical, 2018!