HIVEX is the largest young professional conference in the Golden Horseshoe area, gathering young professionals, community members, and city leaders annually. Held at our conference and convention Centre in Hamilton, the Lincoln Alexander Centre on November 18th, 2017, the event welcomed over 300 people who engaged in topics such as city development, urban issues, politics, personal branding, career development, personal growth and much more! This year’s theme was ‘Impact, with a collective focus on encouraging and supporting YPs and emerging leaders as they impact their careers, their communities, and their personal growth.’

               The Hamilton HIVE is  a not-for-profit organization that is the home for Hamilton’s young professionals. The HIVE provides support through listening, learning and communication amongst member groups. Originally founded with the support of the Hamilton Chamber of Commerce, Hamilton Economic Development, McMaster University, Mohawk College and key sponsors, has since grown from its humble beginnings of four subgroups to fostering over twenty-three today, reaching over 25,000 young professionals across various fields and interest groups. Members provide expertise in their respectable fields and also share news, events, issues, resources and information within their own member groups. It is extremely exciting to have a hub like this in Hamilton to nurture the city’s next generation of talent and leaders.

              This year’s HIVEX conference featured many distinctive guests, topics of discussion as well as unique wellness activities before and after sessions. The conference featured guests Ryan McArthur, Lynn Ferguson, Elizabeth Thorsen, Mary Fearon, A. Pilobello, A. Alfano, L. Alfano and Neil Thorton presenting topics such as millennials, money, momentum, networking, perfecting your personal pitch, presence, impact and influence. A well-rounded approach to personal and professional development. A panel of four of Hamilton’s leaders Tammy Hwuang, Jeff Martin, Jay Carter and and Alyssa Lai discussed ‘How do we make #HamOnt YP Ready?’ These thought provoking sessions were balanced out with mild stretching by Brandon Love, Energizer Yoga by Helena’s Fine Yoga and ended off with an exciting mixer inside our Governor’s ballroom.

               At the Lincoln Alexander Centre, we believe in innovation and welcoming new ideas to the table. In order to create, influence and implement change in the modern day, young professionals and organizations needs a hub and events such as HIVEX to share new ideas and grow them. We believe HIVEX is an incredible organization that allows Hamilton’s Young Professional network to pursue their ambitions and we are very happy to have held this exciting event at our conference and convention centre in Hamilton. The LAC provides support for the organizers for all events held at the centre to help run the event smoothly and make it memorable and impactful for their guests. By sharing our expertise and collaborating with your organizers we are also able to innovate and bring new ideas to our business as well as yours. If you are interested in finding out more information to run your next conference or convention in Hamilton, feel free to contact us by filling out our e-form or by calling 905-528-5000 to get in touch with our event specialist!